Boston TRD-610-HY

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double action truss rod, lightweight, hybrid titanium, 610mm length, ± 131 grams weight

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This low weight, double action hybrid steel/titanium truss rod is an interesting alternative to a conventional truss rod system. The main advantage is the lower weight which will improve balance. Acoustic guitars are relatively neck-heavy; lowering the weight of a neck while maintaining adjustability is a key improvement. Using a lower weight truss rod (if possible combined with low weight tuners) might also improve on sound; a lighter weight neck will most likely feature a slightly faster attack and possibly a lower resonance frequency of the guitar.
As always with truss rods, we recommend to apply a lubricant on the threads before mounting it into the neck. Metal threads are susceptible to galling, a type of wear that can occur when fastening or disassembling threaded components. This might result in thread damage or seizing, which would be very difficult to repair.

These made in Japan hybrid titanium rods are available in five different sizes:
– TRD-360-HY: 360mm length, ± 76 grams weight
– TRD-420-HY: 420mm length, ± 90 grams weight
– TRD-440-HY: 440mm length, ± 94 grams weight
– TRD-460-HY: 460mm length, ± 97 grams weight
– TRD-610-HY: 610mm length, ± 131 grams weight