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The handy kazoo by Cascha is a great musical instrument for the whole family. The lightweight mini instrument fits in any pocket and can therefore be easily carried along. The kazoo is a small membranophone that belongs to the singing drums. A membrane is made to vibrate by singing, thus changing the sound of one's own voice. This produces the distinctive, slightly saxophone-like tone.

The melody instrument, which today is mainly used as an effect instrument, immediately impresses with its unique sound. The kazoo allows the player to produce a wide variety of sounds. The instrument provides a lot of fun, whether alone or in a group. A whole kazoo choir can be set up in kindergarten or primary school. Anyone can join immediately!

The Cascha Kazoo can be used in many ways: You can play it alone or as an accompanying instrument for other instruments. It is especially fun to accompany a guitar, ukulele or piano with a membranophone.

The high-quality wind instrument made of hygienic plastic convinces with its eye-catching design. The robust, durable material ensures a lot of fun over a long period of time. The Cascha Kazoo is available in red, yellow, blue, purple or white.

The kazoo is suitable for children from 3 years. The kazoo is great fun for little musicians. You don't need any musical knowledge and you don't have to be able to read music. This great instrument for children is a perfect way to develop a feeling for tonality and melodies. The beginner's instrument is a funny gift idea for children, music enthusiasts and adults.

Material: plastic (PP), BPA free
Membrane: Waxed paper
Length: 12cm
width: 2,5cm
High quality workmanship
Color: Purple
For children 3 years and older
EAN: 4026929923950