Wilkinson WVS50IIK/C

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tremolo 2-point, pitch 10,5mm, chrome


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The VS50IIK Platinum series vibrato is based on the original VS100 vibrato that is the foundation of the Wilkinson range. The unique design of the WVS50IIK’s stainless steel saddles gives an incredibly comfortable underhand feel, offering easy palm muting and an ultra-low profile unit that does not impede the players hand movement, the WVS50IIK also offers superb intonation variance that is locked solidly by the central screw and a solid steel block for tone and sustain excellence.

The WVS50IIK vibrato includes the total control arm system developed on the VS100, this offers the ability to set perfect height and tension of the vibrato arm via the internally threaded arm and rear vibrato block tension screw. As on our original ground-breaking VS100 vibrato the WVS50IIK vibrato features a two pivot knife edge system, giving virtually friction free operation and the flexibility to handle any discrepancies from inaccurately spaced pivot posts. Both knife edges are hardened to our specific tolerances to offer exceptionally long life, and smooth and reliable playing performance.

– Finish: chrome
– Block material: solid steel
– Saddle material: stainless steel
– String spacing: 10.50mm
– Arm: Push-In arm with internal thread