StewMac SM6157

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pocket truss rod wrench, for 1/4" nut


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We've improved our Pocket Truss Rod Wrenches to be more versatile than ever. Each socket is only 19mm (3/4″) long to fit into small access cavities like newer Gibsons and PRS. We've also rounded all of the edges to prevent scratching the finish. Finally get the control you need when dialing in your truss rod!

Our veteran guitar techs developed these high quality steel truss rod wrenches for the busy repair shop. Each wrench is labelled with the size so you won't scratch the nut trying to find the right one. And they'll fit easily into a gig bag or case.

The 7,5cm (3″) long handle lets you get the control you need for precise truss rod adjustments. Wrenches are available for 1/4″, 9/32″, and 5/16″ hex truss rod nut sizes.

And… you get a bonus screwdriver! Each wrench has a Phillips head screwdriver to remove and replace a truss rod cover. No need to fumble around holding both tools for just a quick adjustment.

Outer diameters:
SM6157 for 1/4″ nut: 9,5mm (0.373″)
SM6158 For 9/32″ nut: 10,2 mm (0.401″)
SM6159 For 5/16″ nut: 10,9mm (0.429″)