StewMac SM4550

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fret heater soldering iron tip

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Pull frets the easy way! This custom-made soldering iron tip makes it easy to heat up frets for effortless removal.

Pros know that heating a fret before removing it made the whole job much easier. The heat helps loosen glue, and keeps chipping down. For years we've been modifying soldering tips for this everyday job, but we wanted a safer and more professional tool.

Our fret heater is a custom tip for Solomon SR-965 soldering irons. Just like a replacement tip, it slips on and is ready to go. The tip is made of copper for fast heat transfer and features grooves for narrow-medium and wide-jumbo fret sizes. The special shape also helps to keep the tip on the fret without slipping off and burning the fretboard, which can happen with a regular tip.

StewMac Fret Heater features:
– Fast heating copper construction
– Two sides to fit narrow-medium and wide-jumbo fret sizes
– Tip diameter: 7mm
– Fits Solomon SR-965 soldering iron