StewMac SM0311

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Pocket Stand, compact guitar stand neck rest


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Have you had the terror of a headstock break when your guitar slipped? How many times have you gone to a jam or gig and found no safe place to rest your guitar between sets? Tired of dents and dings on the back of your guitar's neck?
No longer! The StewMac Pocket Stand will literally save your neck. It's easy, throw it in your gig bag and you've always got a solid place to lean your guitar (or bass). It's cheap insurance against expensive repairs and heartbreak.

The StewMac Pocket Stand turns any flat surface into a rugged stand. It's made of finish safe (even nitro!) heavy padded plastic with internal metal weights to stay in one place. The bottom has a high grip exterior to lock onto surfaces like a chair, table, amp, anything flat you can find.

Bonus! In a pinch, the handy shape works as a convenient neck support that'll work on any bench or table top. Use it to change strings or other simple jobs. Given how convenient it is, there's no reason not to keep a few in your gig bag, car, or case.

Grab a Pocket Stand and jam anywhere.