Rudolph RA-10120/O

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1/2 viola outfit, 12" (30,5cm), slightly shaded oil varnish, flamed maple, case, BA-10/12 ELS bow

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The Rudolph RA-10 viola is an ideal viola for all types of music. It is built in a traditional way with traditional materials like spruce for the top and flamed maple for the back, sides and scroll.
The fingerboard and pegs are made of ebony which ensure durability in the setup and a much smoother feeling under the fingers.
It has an elegant aged look thanks to a beautiful transparent brown oil based varnish.
The precise, clean hand work gives a great look and an incredibly balanced and round sound tipical from violin makers instruments.

Delivered with a ELS RA-10 bow iin the matching size and a light weight case, the RA-10 viola outfit has an incredible price range value.