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GloKnob Boutique, fits boutique style pedals, shaft diameter 5,96-6,35mm

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Guitar players often plug their guitars into effects pedals and then into their amplifier. These effects pedals produce additional sounds when they are triggered by the player’s foot such as delay, chorus, reverb, etc… The parameters that control these sound effects are adjusted by rotating little knobs on the pedal. These knobs are called potentiometer knobs and many musicians have the want and need to adjust or tweak these parameters during live performances.

With traditional knob design, once the potentiometer settings are established they are only occasionally reset at convenient intervals during performance. This is because of the lack of interactivity in the design of traditional potentiometer knobs. Many musicians have the desire for greater levels of control over their sound and expression. To manipulate their effects pedals during live performance they often have to bend down to their feet and take one hand away from their instrument. By removing their hand they are trading off total control of their instrument and artistic expression.

The OKnob eliminates this loss of total control over the instrument and provides you with more control over your sound! It achieves this task by allowing the musician to actuate the desired sound with their foot. This in turn allows both hands to remain in total control over the instrument and artistic expression.