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overdrive-boost-buffer guitar effect pedal CENTAURI MODIFIED


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The original Centaur’s components were attached to the circuit board using “through-hole” techniques, with pins that go through the circuit board and are soldered on its underside. This process got the job done, but it was expensive and time-consuming. Eventually, Bill Finnegan began producing his pedals using surface-mount technology (SMT), attaching the components directly to the circuit board’s face. This is the method we used to design the Harby Centauri.

True to the original
Bill Finnegan once said of his 1N34A germanium clipping diodes that they are “… the most important factor in how the circuit sounds when it’s being used to create distortion.” As a tribute to his insight, the Centauri uses only 1N34A diodes, with an original forward voltage of 0.35v (±15%). It’s also built using the original Centaur circuit board layout and features its buffered bypass, rather than the more modern true bypass.

Original Centaur circuit with some modifications.
*Clean blend knob: achieve the perfect balance between your original signal and the harmonically rich overdrive. The clean blend knob provides you with unparalleled tonal control, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of grit while retaining the clarity of your core sound.
*Phat bass boost switch: are you craving a thicker, more powerful low-end response? Engage the phat bass boosting switch to inject your tone with an added dose of low-frequency goodness. Whether you’re laying down a solid rhythm or letting your leads soar, this feature ensures your sound remains punchy and full-bodied.
*LED clipping diode switch: tailor your overdrive texture to match your playing style using the LED clipping diode switch. Toggle between the germanium diodes to keep it authentic to the original Klon Centaur or the added LED diodes for a more gritty, harmonically rich overdriven tone. From smooth and creamy to edgy and aggressive, this switch lets you sculpt your sound with precision.
Gold-plated PCB (ENIG).
Genuine Texas Instruments op-amps (TL072).
NOS 1N34A germanium clipping diodes with original forward voltage of 0.35v (±15%).
Solid anodized aluminum knobs (volume, drive, and tone controls).
Neutrik input and output jacks.
Buffered bypass.
9v DC operation using a standard negative center power supply.