GRBass NF210+/8

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premium natural fiber speaker cabinet, 2×10"+1" 600w 9 kg, 8 ohm

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The lightest 2×10 bass cabinet in the world. The NF 210V is the new eco-friendly version of our classic 2×10. We have made it more compact and high-performance one of the most chosen speakers by users.

Thanks to its size, lightness, and power, the NF 210 is one of the most versatile cabinets in the entire catalog. Suitable for small and large live shows, it allows you to always have your sound. The first cabinets in the world made of natural fiber and recycled materials. An eco-friendly product with the sound quality of GR.

NF 210: 400W RMS (AES Standard)

NF 210+: 600W RMS (AES Standard)

NF 210: 8,3 kg

NF 210+: 9 kg

Bass reflex
On front

Frequency response
35 Hz to 22 kHz

103 dB SPL

52 x 57 x 33,5 cm

2 x 10″ custom Jensen/Sica woofer

4 or 8 ohm (order separately)

Horn Driver 1″
ON/OFF and 3 positions switch