GRBass NF115/8

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premium natural fiber speaker cabinet, 1×15"+1" 400w 10,2 kg, 8 ohm

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The lightest 1×15 bass cabinet in the world. The NF 115 is ideal for any type of concert, from small clubs to big stages. It is absolutely a complete cabinet with a warm and deep sound that only the 15” woofer can guarantee. It can be chosen to be a stand-alone or as a cabinet to add to a 1×12 or 2×10 or even 4×10.

The 15” woofer has been designed to be much faster than many other 15” woofers. The first cabinets in the world made of natural fiber and recycled materials. An eco-friendly product with the sound quality of GR.

400W RMS (AES Standard)

10,2 kg

Bass reflex
On front

Frequency response
35 Hz to 22 kHz

100 dB SPL

52 x 61 x 44 cm

1 x 15″ custom Jensen/Sica woofer

4 or 8 ohm (order separately)

Horn Driver 1″
ON/OFF and 3 positions switch