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MasterGlu cyanoacrylic glue, ultra thin, 2oz (59ml) bottle

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Absolutely the best super-thin CA you have ever used. Guaranteed! A 100% pure wicking grade CA, MasterGlu ultra thin is the perfect super-thin adhesive for when you need deeper, more complete substrate wetting and wicking.
• Ultra clear formula
• Better performance: stronger so you can use less
• Safe for use on all finishes including poly, lacquer and even water-based finishes
• Super fresh: it has the longest shelf life available of any glue
• Far less irritating
• Superior flow and substrate penetration: great for sealing, wicking, and close parts attachment
• To prevent clogging the tin cap has a pen
• Two whip tips and two extender tips for pinpoint accuracy are included
• Use together with Glu Dry accelerator to speed curing time