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Fill n’ Finish thin finisher cyanoacrylic glue, Pro formula, 2oz (59ml) bottle

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Finally, a flexible, water clear wood finish and repair product that’s both fast and easy to use. With zero to minimal witness lines, all Fill n’ Finish formulas are truly game changers. Ideal for all your wood finishing, builds, repairs, top coating and inlay work.
Use fewer coats and get superior results with these innovative self-leveling formulas. Always faithfully fills pores and gaps and vanquishes cracks, dings and dents.
Fill n’ finish Thin formula is a non-creeping, water clear, non-brittle and flexible pro formula top coat, finish, and repair solution. Use as a base coat during drop fills or as a top coat after using Fill n Finish Pro Formula or as a stain sealer. When filling, Fill n’ Finish thin is perfect for less porous woods, like ebony, maple, some rosewoods and Koa, which require a thinner finishing product that will penetrate further.
– Fill n’ finish Thin is safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, urethane, and even water-based finishes.
– You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n’ Finish Thin with completely invisible results.
– No creeping and zero to minimal witness lines every time!
– Two whip tips and two extender tips for pinpoint accuracy are included.
Fill n’ Finish Products are very slow drying products, we recommmend using our Glu Dry accelator.