Dörfler DC22 cello strijkstok

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cello strijkstok, 4/4, pernambuco, silver mounted, rond


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Selected, matured pernambuco stick, selected ebony frog with trimmed slide, Parisian eye, three-part ebony button with eight inlaid eyes or massive button with eye, silver wire winding

An exceptional radiance arises from the play of the musician when he uses a brilliant Dörfler silver bow. A bow is just as important for the musician as the instrument which he must bring to sound. The sound quality of the string instrument can really be achieved only when both components match.

For the Dörfler Master Bows only meticulously selected pernambuco sticks qualify which, through the expertise and year long experience of the master, are acceptable for use. Wonderful engravings, exceptional inlays and splendidly flamed gold fish slides embelish and make each bow to a unique item.