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deluxe cello bag 4/4, black 1680D nylon, 25mm polyethylene foam padding with luxe velour interior

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The Boston CT-1044 cello bag is developped to get the most comfort and safety a bag could give.

Starting from the outside Boston chose for an extremely resistant 1680D nylon material which has great anti-abrasive properties and is water repellent.

The bow holder pocket is divided in 2 for the transport and protection of 2 bows.
Most important, the padding is not made of regular foam but of a 25mm polyethylene foam which is waterproof and highly resistant to chocks thanks to it's energy dispertion properties.

Why polyethylene padding?
– Closed-cell, chemically cross-linked structure
– Lightweight (allowing to use heavy duty nylon cover)
– Shatterproof
– Non-dusting
– Superb strength and tear resistance
– Excellent shock absorption
– Impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria

The interior velour adds a great luxurious look and will cocoon your instrument like no other bag will do. The 1680D nylon patch on top of the bridge will protect the interior from the bridge and strings and keep you bag in good shape for many years.

At the back of the instrument, the straps are stiched adding some extra comfort to the shoulders and neck and can be stored away in a dedicated pocket when not used.

The main handle is stiched in length which allows a better weight distribution and will keep the bag to disform in the time.

Available in 4/4 size only.