Boston B/JTE2A/IB

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B-stock, see product description for details, JTE-2A/IB Teaser body


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B-stock body with 20% price reduction. The reason these bodies are classed as B-stock has to do with weights slightly over our and the supplier's standards. These bodies weigh 2390g +/- 1%

TE body in 2-part alder. This body has great looking double ivoroid bindings. The coolest guitars are made with bindings on top and back.

Alder has been the wood of choice since the 1960's for many guitarbuilders and big high quality guitar factories. To have the alder in 2 parts has been the most used combination since the beginning of electric guitars. Even though this body is of the highest quality wood, wood is still a natural product and the body you order, may look a bit different than the picture.

The neck pocket may be very tight and may need some sanding to make a snug fit for the neck you will use. Before finishing this body, it only needs minor sanding.